A few questions about Igniton 8 Perspective

  1. How much can be done with the beta version at this point? By this I mean, if it is possible to start developing the application in Perspective now and expect it to fully work with the final release version?

  2. When can we expect to see manuals, tutorials, videos, etc. about Perspective?

  3. What part of the Vision application can be ported to Perspective application?

  1. No - the current Beta period is strictly meant to be used to familiarize yourself with the resources and how to use them; projects built right now in 8.0Beta are not guaranteed to be able to upgrade to 8.0 at release and work. In fact we’re closing in on going back to nightly builds and you’ll see that we’ve done so much over the last couple of weeks that many projects are going to run into hiccups.

  2. The 8.0 Docs are currently in-progress and being added to every day. Perspective content is included in these Docs.

  3. Absolutely none of it. Vision and Perspective are entirely different technologies, and there is no way to take a Vision component/project and make it a Perspective Component/project.

To be clear though - IGNITION pieces (devices, databases, tag providers, images) should all work with Perspective immediately (we’re trying our hardest).


To expand on #3, there are a few things you can do to make your vision work not have to be entirely recreated in Perspective.

  1. Images in Image Management can be accessed by both Vision and Perspective.
  2. Any scripts that you have behind buttons or triggered anywhere in Vision can possibly work across both. To do this, you’ll need to take your scripts from the components and move them to project. scripts. You’ll be able to access those scripts from both Perspective and Vision. It’s important to note, however, that you won’t want to do this with parts of scripts that interact with the GUI. This means you’ll only want to pass simple parameters (strings, python objects, etc, but no java objects like “event”), and you’ll want to only run system. functions that aren’t gui, so avoid system.gui, system.nav, or system.perspective. Functions for tag writes, database interaction, rest calls, and just about everything else should safely be able to be called either from Vision or from Perspective clients.
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