Alarm status table row styles flashing and static backgrounds based on priorities


I’m trying to configure the alarm status table in Perspective to show two different styles of background, a flashing background for critical and static for everything else. I configured a flashing style and applied to the base since there were no style classes listed in the priorities. In the example, the “Critical” alarm is flashing as configured, but so is the “High” alarm.

Is there a way to add a style class to the row style priorities? If not, is there a way to have both flashing and static background for various priorities?


Adding a classes key, just like exists on base in your screenshot, should work for individual priorities.

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Thank you.

At first, adding classes worked great in designer and the session. I tested Critical and High in Active Unacked and Active Acked. I saved the project and closed my session. When I opened my project in Designer and went to the alarm dock view, I noticed the static background for these priorities that I had deleted, had been restored.

Since the row backgrounds for unacked alarms were working fine, I ignored the added background key and color. When I acknowledge the alarms, however, the background colors are not what the style is configured for. I double checked my style and added a couple of test labels to the bottom of my view to test the style, and the styles are configured correctly.

The acked rows should be the same color as the labels at the bottom of the page. Why are the acked active rows a different style than what they are configured for?



The backgroundColor property is part of the “required” schema of the object, and so even though you can delete it in the Designer, the component is still built with all of its required properties each time it loads. Fortunately, there’s a workaround: anywhere you have a backgroundColor property you want to overwrite/remove, replace the value of backgroundColor with null. This sort of short-circuits the property into being invalid, and so it falls back to the previous valid value, which in your case is your style.

You’ll see a warning in the Designer, but you can safely ignore it.
Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 2.15.37PM

Why is this only affecting the “High” priority alarms? For the “Critical” alarms, the background color is there, but my style is applied to the rows. I have not configured other priorities so I don’t know if it affects them as well.

Is there still a backgroundColor in place in rowStyles.state.base where state is something like “activeUnacked”)?

I misspoke in my previous message. I meant to say it works fine for activeUnacked, but not in activeAcked.

Yes, there are backgroundColor properties in the base of both activeUnacked and activeAcked.