ARSCADA - Augmented Reality Module for Ignition

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interesting to see VR in ignition, nice try!! but the the effects and real benefits presented in your demo didn’t impress me too much. actually there is a quite interesting VR SCADA Solution called ReplicAnt VR which really shocked me with the effects. SCADA is not game or movie, not sure how much added benefits there are with the AR technology.

hi Can you add my Skype ID so that we could further discuss about AR used in Ignition?
my skype id: talljack

[quote=“Pramanj”]Dear All,

We have developed an [color=#0000BF]Augmented Reality[/color] Interface module called [color=#0000FF]ARSCADA[/color] for Ignition. This allows an operator to take a [color=#0000FF]virtual tour[/color] of the plant and monitor and control it while taking the virtual tour.

Please visit our web site and product web site and watch the youtube demo and tutorials of ARSCADA package. Please pass on the information to your Ignition customers. ARSCADA can be retrofitted in existing Ignition installation as well as new ones.


The problem with full VR modelling is that its too expensive. The ARSCADA leverages the advances in panoramic imaging technology to circumvent the problem. The ARSCADA is priced just $500 and its very easy to take the panoramic images and integrate with Ignition thru ARSCADA. Ofcourse it cannot be as powerful as the full 3D VR Modelling, but its a good trade off between cost and functionality.


Hi Pramanj, I’m really interested about your module.
How can I contact you to try it?
I wrote you at your e-mail address but without answer.
Thank you.

The AR module has undergone significant changes from its initial inception , such as switch over from TOMCAT server to NodeJS server. Its still undergoing another significant change in the way it integrates with Ignition. I hope to complete the change and test it out and release it ASAP.

(By the way, I didn’t receive any mail from you on my mail ID given on my web site? Which one did you write to and when?)

thank you, so I’ll wait your updates.
(I tried contact you with your website form and also using an email address found on web.
Thank you

It should be out soon. BTW , the mail ( should work fine. Do you remember the date when you wrote the email or forward it again?. Just trying to see if there is any failure in email system.


Hi all,

I am glad to announce the release of ARSCADA version 1.3. The eval version for Ignition version 7.9 and 8 are available on github for download.

Please see a you tube video (unfortunately it hasn’t come well at a few places, will try to record a better one).

Evaluation version is available on github.

Ignition sample project file for version 7.9 is at ARS/docs/new_2019-02-25_1055.proj and for version 8.0 is ARS/docs/new_2019-02-15_1846.proj

Unfortunately only one virtual tour could be uploaded due to size restriction of 100 files. (all tours make it more than 500 files and about 30MB.)

Request you to evaluate it and try it on your customer project.

Sample projects for other versions of Ignitions are available on request.
Please feel free to ask any questions our doubts or clarifications, bugs, suggestions.
visit web site for licensing terms and conditions under BUY tab…

Best Regards

Prafull Jaltare

PRAMANJ Technologies.

This recording may be of interest to some of you.

Hi all,

Here is an update on AR SCADA addon module to Ignition. The step by step instructions for installing AR SCADA trial version are added on the github readme file and sample ignition project (new_2019-03-25_0933.proj) added for Ignition version 7.9.10, and the same is given below. For version 8 sample project file already available in the docs folder. For any other version of Ignition, please request a project file to get started. Please see the introduction video to AR SCADA

Installation procedure for AR-SCADA trial version is as follows:

(Important (based on feedback) : It is assumed that you have the webDev module installed on your Ignition server you are using. If not the download it from url -> choose the proper Ignition version -> scroll down to Device Connectivity modules -> select WevDev module , and Install it on your Ignition server from configure/modules page of Ignition)

  1. ·Download the evaluation version of AR-SCADA from as a zip file on your system

  2. ·The zip file will be downloaded with name on your system.

  3. ·Extract the zip file and it will create a folder ARSCADA-master where ever it’s kept.

  4. ·Enter the folder ARSCADA-master it will contain a ARS folder

  5. · Copy the ARS folder and paste it at C: and you should have the ARS demo version installed on C:\ARS directory.

  6. ·There are two sample projects kept under folder C:\ARS\DOCS named new_2019-03-25_0933.proj and new_2019-02-15_1846.proj for Ignition version 7.9.10 and 8 respectively. If your Ignition version is one of these then import the respective project in Ignition using designer and you are ready to launch AR-SCADA client. For any other versions please request the project file.

  7. · Open the file C:\ARS\viewer\embedhost.js and change the hostname in the URL to your ignition server host name and project name to new (or to your project name if it’s other than default) and save the file.

  8. ·Ensure your ignition is running on the server (in case it’s a trial version, ensure to start trial period).

  9. ·Open a latest HTML5 browser (preferably chrome, as AR-SCADA was developed and tested on chrome).

  10. open link http://<hostname>:8088/main/system/webdev/new/ARS/systemlist.html where replace <hostname> with your ignition’s host name (to get host name open command prompt on the Ignition server and type hostname on the command prompt and press enter, it will display the hostname, copy and paste it where ever required. Your URL should look like http://pramanj:8088/main/system/webdev/new/ARS/systemlist.html

The demo should work now. It will stop updating values after 60 seconds then you can refresh or change page to continue.


We have added tutorial on installation and usage of AR SCADA module, split in two parts (to reduce the size).

(In part 2, the audio is missing for 2 mins from 7.15 to 9.35 mins, explaining the cursor position component, please continue, its ok after that). Name of the 360 degree camera is Insta air 360 (not air 360 as mentioned in the tutorial by mistake).

Please feel free to ask questions/clarifications etc on the ARSCADA module.

Best Regards
PRAMANJ Technologies

Just a clarification that the webdev module for Ignition 8 can be found at link since its not clearly visible.
For other versions the webdev can be found at downloads/archive as given in step by step instructions on github page.

Hi everyone,

New version 1.4 of ARSCADA module is released and available on GitHub. This has the following revisions:

1. The KRPANO revised to its latest version 1.20 for better rendering of panoramic images.
2. Trial period increased to 2 hours.
3. Some bugs fixed in ARSCADA 1.3

The instructions are given in the README file, which are mostly the same. This version also uses the webDev module of Ignition and works on Ignition version 7.9 as well as 8.* .

NOTE : Next version 2.0 coming soon which will work on a standalone NodeJS server connected to Ignition without webDev module!

Hi there. Interesting thread. Thanks for the information :smirk:

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The evaluation version 1.4 is also available on EXCHANGE portal! Thanks Ignition for making it visible on EXCHANGE portal!


ARSCADA version 1.5 available on EXCHANGE portal for download and evaluation. (If you have downloaded the previous version 1.4, then rename the C:\ARS folder to something else and install the new files in C:\ARS folder and follow the same procedure given in README file.)

This version fixes some bugs and enhances some of the modules as follows:

  1. The latest version 1.20.4 (build 2020-02-04) of krpano included.
  2. The communication module of ARSCADA modified to include a request/response based communication between client and server.
  3. The tour.html files in the tours folder modified to load the tour.xml files after the initial handshake between client and server.
  4. The RWS communication module modified to take into account the request/response architecture. Basically two functions added one for requesting data from the server and the other is called by the RWS when a response is received from server. (Study the JS code in rws.html and rws1.html files carefully).

After trying the sample project, please try it with your own project data and images.

Best Regards


Two files (1) browsetags.txt and (2) tagpaths.txt are added in the version 1.5 of AR SCADA in EXCHANGE portal to help you generate the tags.txt (tag database input files for ARS module in JSON format) from Ignition atomic tag paths. Create a boolean memory tag in ignition and create a gateway event script triggered by value change of this memory tag and copy paste the python code from browsetags.txt file in the script. So whenever you set this memory tage to true, it will generate tagsJSON . txt and tagsJSONPretty . txt files which is the tag database tags.txt required by ARS. (the pretty file is for easy reading, and tagsJSON.tx file is more compact). Rename the tagsJSON.txt to tags.txt or whatever name you want to give as input to one of ARS screens.

Please note this may not be 100% fool proof. So please check the output manually if all tags are prioperly converted. It has the folloing limitation:

  1. It works only for version 8 of Ignition as it uses system.tag.getConfiguration(path,True) function which is available only in version 8. (separate script for version 7.9 will be made available soon.)
  2. Only atomic tags are processed, others are ignored.
  3. Only ‘>’ , ‘<’ and ‘=’ set points for alarm limits are considered. Other conditions like between set points , not equal to set points etc are not handled (they may fail)
  4. The documentation of tags is truncated to 40 chars max.

Please note this script is just a helper tool for you to generate the tags.txt input files for ARS from the tag paths that you want to use in various ARS screens. This has not been tested for all cases of alarms limits etc and may not work for 100% cases.

So please don’t use this script on live systems, use it only offline or standalone mode of Ignition. The script may fail in some cases! So please check the output before using in ARS. The purpose of the scripts is to automate the manual process of generating tags data base required for ARS module quickly from tag-paths given in tagpaths.txt file.

Brief demo of the BrowseTags tools is enclosed here