[bug-13919]Updated Project Message difficult to read

I have an update notification configured to show when a project update occurs and to show how long til it refreshes, but it is borderline unreadable due to the font color. I can’t seem to find that property anywhere. Any ideas?


Did you make any changes to your global CSS? That should be styled by the theme CSS you’re using:

Still using the default light.css and dark.css files. Both of them still leave that box with white-ish text.

Hmm, you may need to extend the notification delay but could you open browser devtools and see where the color attribute is coming from? Maybe you have an old copy of the light/dark themes - did you ever use a pre-release 8.0.0 nightly?

Yeah this project would have been started on an 8.0.0 nightly. The server has been updated to 8.0.1RC2 currently.

looks like it is coming from the dark.css file, but even if I change to the light theme, it still shows as that color.

Try deleting the compiled theme files; see: [BUG-12227] Button Background Color

That did it. Thanks for the help.

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Deleting the files seems to work for a bit, but after a while it seems to go back to being white-ish text on that background again.

Any ideas on how to make it a longer term solution?

That’s pretty odd - if you do the same check in dev tools, is the <theme>.css file reporting the white color? That file should be locked on disk once it’s generated - it shouldn’t be modified. I’ll ask QA if they’ve seen anything like that.

It still looks like it is coming from dark.css.

Restarting the gateway seems to fix it. I don’t need to re-delete them. but it doesn’t seem to stay fixed

When the project update notice pops up, the text is a very light grey and almost un-readable against the white background.

Im on version b2019051302)

It’s not the version - there is a known issue where monitors tend to “wash-out” the light-grey text. The solution (on our end) is to make that text darker, but then it becomes impossible to differentiate from black for other users. We’re working on how to handle it.

Probably same thing as here: Updated Project Message difficult to read

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Thanks for reporting this - my best guess right now is that there’s some conflict between themes - it looks like you’re getting the ‘dark theme’ foreground color for that property, but not a ‘dark theme’ background color. Are you doing anything in your project like dynamically switching themes? Do you gain and lose connection to your master gateway?

I moved your thread into this one to keep track of this centrally. All the same questions apply - clear steps to reproduce this are our best bet to fix it.

Not currently changing anything involving themes. I can’t remember if it was this project or a different one, but I may have had a button at one point that swapped themes, but its not in the project anymore.

We do lose connection to the gateway occasionally since we are patching nightly’s on this machine. We also have this machine only available when we are connected at our desks, so designers and sessions may disconnect if we leave our desks.

Hmm, at least on 8.0.2 I was able to replicate just now simply by switching to the dark theme and enabling update notifications :slightly_frowning_face:
We’ll get it fixed.

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I’m not clever enough to change themes dynamically :roll_eyes:

All I have is the update notification set to 30 seconds and I very rarely loose gateway connection.