[BUG-1518] Popup inputfields reseting their values when dragged or closing a different popup

So i have a popup (popup1) with some input fields.
popup1 view has some params which each input field is connected to (bi-directional)
I have a button in popup1 which saves the data from the params to the db.

This all works fine, but now i wanted to add in some feedback with another popup(popup2) when a value in the input is incorrect or required to be filled in.
But when the new popup2 appears, all my data in the input fields of popup1 get reset.

During some tests i notice popup1 also gets reset when i drag the popup1 around. Even if popup2 never appeared.

Is this normal behavior or am i doing something wrong?
It sure is super annoying. Why do the params reset when you drag around the popup, that makes no sense

Oke further testing showed that this only happens when i open the first popup1 with
params already assigned to it.

Seems like a bug to me

a quick test setup:
view with button that opens a popup with params:
popup view with textarea:
changing the text in the area and then drag around the popup resets the text to ‘test123’

See this post: [Bug-1518]Popup Drag reset view parameters - #4 by cmallonee

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ah so it is a bug :frowning:

Yes - fairly long-standing and not in active development yet.