[Bug-15540]Slider handle doesn't work correctly with mouse in flex container


The slider component handle doesn’t work with mouse when the slider sit inside the flex container.
This behavior show itself specially when the width of flex is large.
The interesting part is it work in designer in preview mode and also touch screen devices.

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What version of Ignition are you using? There was a known issue for a short while in the nightlies where Sliders in Flex Containers exhibited this behavior, but it was fixed for 8.0.6 stable release.

I notice that the video does not show content to the left of the Slider. The bug I referenced had to do with Sliders ignoring their flexed position, so interaction was done as a percentage from the origin of the Flex Container, as opposed to the origin of the Slider. If you have another component in the same Flex Container and BEFORE (to the left if the Flex Container is using the “row” direction) the Slider, I suspect you’re encountering the resolved issue.

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I use 8.0.6 but I test it in 8.0.7 new release and see this in it.
You are exactly right. When the flex in it’s original size which very small width the slider works correctly but when I maximize broswer there is offset between mouse handler and slider point.

I put slider alone in flex. There is no other object in flex.
I also put slider in coordinate container and put container in flex and see this bug again.

Could you please make tickets to fix this?



I find something interesting. The flex show this bug when my left side dock menu appear and the offset of mouse is equal to dock menu.



We use Ignition version 8.0.7. and have ran into the same problem with the slider component.



temperately disable the right dock and it works. The dock menu cause flex show this problem.