[Bug]: High Cpu Usage after I click around on my designer for a while

Please help me out , Cpu is 100% after I click around on my designer for a while,
What’s the potential issue, redundancy? SQL bridge?
It seems working well once I restart ignition service.

I am trying solution Slowed down server and see if it works

Doesn’t work, please help me out.

It’s killing me…

I would reach out to support. Without getting a better look at what your projects are doing or what those threads are running, it would be challenging to diagnose via the forums.


Hmm, Great thanks :sunglasses:,
What should I do, I uninstalled all modules but Vision, Plz let me know if you wanna more files.:sweat_smile:

I don’t know if it is because i am using trial version, CPU goes up to 100% suddenly even it’s going well 5 minutes before.
I am not sure if it is, and if true i am gonna ignore it.

It seems a No, just too high as time goes by

In my experience, this kind of thing is usually caused by something project related, so it’s hard to give helpful feedback without more detail. I’ve seen a style customizer colour animation leak memory and slow down the Designer. I’ve also seen it with log level set to debug in Designer–this would actually get to the point where you’d click and wait a minute (or at least it felt that long–definitely more than ten seconds)…I killed the designer in Task Manager quite a few times before I figured out what was causing this.

@witman thanks for sharing your information,
In my case, it doesn’t work at all after i kill my designer process, it has nothing to do with designer and just gateway service itself problem, i have to kill core ignition service if i wanna let it down, but the real reason who knows.

It may be this long standing bug that seems to be a JDK defect on some versions of Windows: https://github.com/eclipse/jetty.project/issues/2205

I don’t know if there’s a solution. We regularly update the JDK and Jetty versions, though, so maybe it will get fixed eventually.

I’ve seen variations of this bug report in many different pieces of software that use Java NIO selectors for years now.

Ah, that’s different then. I haven’t seen this. If it’s not a clean install of Ignition it might be worth trying disabling things in Ignition to see if you can isolate it to something. Good luck!

Then, it’s weird, i am gonna ask official guys directly cuz it’s a little different from traditional application diagnosis (probably dead lock or infinite retry), it happens to us from time to time.

Quite the rabbit hole. (Not affecting me, of course.)

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