[Bug?] [Perspective] No Primary Views showing up in browser

I just installed the latest nightly [8.0.0-beta0 (b2019020702)], but none of the Primary Views on our projects appear when browsing the paged in Google Chrome.

A tabbed docked right window also did not appear.

The docked left window appeared in one.
A tabbed docked left window appeared in another.

I tried testing by adding docked windows to one of my projects, but I did not see them in Chrome.
(Although I did get the ‘Your website has been updated’ countdown window, which tells me that part of the page did respond to the changes I made. They just weren’t visible.)

Did this happen to anyone else?

None of my views are appearing either after installing the latest nightly build.

I’ll look into this right now.

After quick testing - Confirmed.

We believe we’ve identified the issue and will work on getting a new build out as soon as possible.

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New build is on the way, should be up within a couple of hours.

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Oops, didn’t see this thread, thanks.

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Is this what awalker posted about 8m ago?

No, that changelog was for the overnight build - when we noticed this issue this morning we started another build, which should be uploaded in ~3 hours.

Thank you very much!

Could I trouble you to update this thread when the new/fixed build arrives?

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New build should be up.

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Installed the new build and the issue has been resolved.


Will there be another nightly tomorrow?

There should be one each night going forward, up until we reach the end of the Beta.

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Rephrase: Will the one we just had count as the nightly for tonight, or will there be another later today?

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The automatic build will still kick off at midnight tonight, so there will still be a new build tomorrow morning.