Buttons in Table Cells?

Is there a way to put a button in a table cell. I have a system that has 30 enable/bypass parameters that would be nice to have in a table where each parameter is a row and there are two buttons in each row for enable and disable.

This would also be nice for a motor list where you could scroll through all the motors in a system and have a START/STOP for each row.

No there is not a way to put a button in a table cell. However, if the value is a 0 or a 1 you can turn it into a checkbox. If you right click on the table and go to Customizers > Table Customizer, you can check the Checkbox setting to turn it into a checkbox. You can also check the editable checkbox so that a user can check or uncheck it in the runtime. That will fire a cellEdited event on the component that you can respond to in scripting.

For anyone wondering about this in the future, it is possible with a Power Table: Power Table custom renderer with JButton

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