Calendar to Easy Chart(odd behavior)

I noticed something odd about a Calendar Control Tied to an Easy Chart. On Calendar I created a Custom Property called NextDay, where I used an Expression Binding and DateArithmetic to add 1 day.

Then I tied the Start Date on Easy Chart to Date(Immediate) on Calendar. Then I tied End Date on Easy Chart to the NextDay Custom Property.

Odd Behavior - If I click more than One Day ahead on the Calendar, my Easy Chart Start Date doesn’t update correctly. If I only click a Day ahead its fine. If I click any number of days before my currently selected date its fine. I fine myself clicking the same Day twice to get it to work

See attached project, maybe I am missing some low level Property of Easy Chart? I noticed this behavior in my core projects, I just made this test project as a sanity check.

calToEasyChart (2018-06-11).proj (15.2 KB)

The Properties I was using to drive the Start and End Dates of Easy Chart. I used the same properties to drive the Outer Range Start and Outer Range End. This appears to fix my issue.

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I had to use the idea of this post as well. It highlights strict ordering of Start and End Dates of Easy Chart.

Error with property binding on Easy Chart Start Date

I used a propertyChange script and I checked if my Newly Selected End Date was newer or older than Previously Selected End date. Then I applied either the End Dates 1st to Easy Chart or the Start Dates 1st to Easy Chart depending on if your moving forward in time with your selection or backwards.