Connecting DeltaV OPC DA server to Ignition

I’m trying to connect the gateway to an Emerson DeltaV OPC-DA server to no avail. I keep getting the general COM object method returns error code: 0x80040154; REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG error.

I know that the OPC Core Components are installed and working. I can successfully connect to the OPC server from the same client machine with TopView and other OPC tools and browse the tag trees and get values. This is because I can launch the applications under a different user (DeltaVAdmin) that is required to talk to the OPC server. That is the ONLY account Emerson allows to communicate with OPC as a client.

I can fire up Firefox as that user, but I think there is some other service connecting to the OPC server as another account and it is failing. I can see the JAVA wrapper is using the proper credentials to connect, but something is weird in between. I’ve wasted several days on DCOM and other attempts at connecting. It’s frustrating because I can connect PI OPC interfaces and other tools to it successfully.

Anyone else figure out a solution to something like this?

Have you tried changing the user the Ignition service runs under to DeltaVAdmin?

Did that. The weird thing, is that when I set up the OPC module to connect to the OPC Source, it will browse out and let me pick from the list of available OPC ProgIDs. It just won’t connect once I save the settings.

Hmm. I don’t know enough about DCOM to be much help. There’s some other threads about DeltaV, like this one, that suggest making sure you have a 64-bit OPC Core Components installed, and this one, that suggest the Ignition service also needs to be set up to run as an interactive user.

I just don’t think it is in OPC, I can run any number of tools and connect.

Did you try setting the service to run as an interactive user?

Ignition is different than any of the tools you’re using in that it runs as a service, which is also a different user by default, so sometimes things like changing the service user and allowing the service to interact with the desktop are required.

Once I change that to interactive logon, I get Access Denied as the error.
And it will not offer a list of ProgIds when setting up a new OPC connection.

DCOM got error “2147942405” from the computer when attempting to activate the server:

Hey Andy,

Do you get the solution for this issue? I am working on a project and try to learn how to set up between Ignition and DeltaV. Thanks!

Hi Andy, Qliu

We recently have the same issue and we had to open a support ticket with Emerson (DeltaV Vendor). The response was "Please note that by default, DeltaV OPC Server only supports 32-bit OPC Clients. If you want to have OPC communication using 64-bit OPC Clients, you need to use OPC Data Link as specified in the attached KBA."

Our solution was install a OPC DA Client 32 bits (our case was Ignition 7.9.18 32 bits) and expose the tags with OPC Tunneller. With this steps we can browse the tags at Ignition 8.1.7 64 bits because we need perspective in our infrastructure.

I hope this will help!

Thanks for the update, we ended up using Kepware as the OPC tunneller and exposed it as OPCUA to the Ignition client. DeltaV is a complicated package of requirements regarding OPC connections. It’s too bad that there was a need for an extra intermediary in the data pipe, but it turned out to work well for the customer.