ControlLogix v31 Comuncation Problem

I exchange about 40k tags with a ControlLogix 1756.
After upgrade of firmware form v20 to v31 and conseguential change of ignition driver, I have some problem of comunication.

Yes, the performance of v21+ protocol is significantly worse than of the v20 and prior protocol.

We’ve made some fixes to the request optimization that may help you in the 7.9.11 Logix Driver module. This is assuming you’ve updated your tag paths after the driver change and are having issues with “stale” tags, not incorrect OPC item paths.

yes, I have update all opc path, with some problem on bit arrays.
When 7.9.11 is will released?

I don’t know when the release is planned, but I can provide you with a beta build of the module if you’d like.

Yes, I can try it, thanks.

You can download it from here.

After you install it and it runs for a few minutes, take a look at the diagnostics page for this device in the gateway. There should be a lot of performance measurements. If you’re still having problems you may have to call into support so they can look at it.