Enable / disable a data type tag according to a datatype parameter

How can I enable / disable a data type tag according to a datatype parameter?
for example if my_parameter = 1 deactivate tag_A.
if my_parameter = 2
deactivate tag_A and tag_B

Thanks a lot

This isn’t possible as far as I know.

But maybe you shouldn’t ask your question geared towards a certain solution, but consider the actual problem you have.

I believe you have two structs that are very similar devices, but with a small difference. In that case, you could work with datatype inheritance: create a parent datatype that has all the common tags, and create two child datatypes that add specific tags.


thanks for your answer.
I wanted to avoid creating several datatype.
I think I can do something with parameter binding

Hi, I'm having this issue too, where it seems I can't programatically enable/disable a tag within a UDT. The enable binding doesn't appear to resolve the parameters at runtime. I've also tried to link it to a tag within the UDT (as pictured) with no success. Has anyone had success with this?

...and the version where I'm trying to use parameters

Have you tried just writing the simple python True or False values? (I don't think you can programmatically create bindings--at least, not with any write operation. Perhaps with system.tag.configure.)

Hey Phil,

Yep the old true or false works a treat, I was just trying to be a bit smarter.. perhaps I will just need to cut my losses and script it.


Seems like it will only resolve for single property bindings - as soon as there is an expression or tag binding via expression - it stops working.