[FEATURE-11132,12359] Change progress bar color

For my project theme I have to change progress bar component color. The default color is blue and there is no option to change it’s color in the props.
I also try to use css style to change the color with no luck.
What is the workaround for this? Is it totally fixed?

Unfortunately, as of right now there is no way to change the color of the Progress Bar. It IS something we’re working on, but it probably won’t be available until 8.0.4 (and even then I won’t make any promises). Providing that color customization is something we’ve wanted for a long while, but we’ve had to prioritize fixes for components which are actually broken as well as provide components which provide missing functionality before we can focus on components which could just work better.

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It’s nice to hear there is a plan for it. Even for other component I see the same problem like combo box which is always has white background.

I happened to come across this as well today. This response peaked my curiosity, in v7.9 the progress bar color can get changed based on the foreground color, but in 8.0.1 changing the foreground color causes an incorrect color change(changes the shade, so RGB color reference is off?), this implies the component it’s broken rather than being a new feature.

Perhaps this was a Perspective issue, but it appears the Vision component is broken.

We should have made clear that we were indeed discussing the Perspective Component (or, rather, I was…). We’ll look into the Vision Component Issue, but I think I saw something similar posted quite some time ago, so we probably already have an open ticket for that.

@Paullys50: also, it seems like there is an initial issue with the Vision progress Bar, but as soon as you change the Background Color to any other value and then change it back, the issue is resolved. It doesn’t mean there isn’t an actual issue here, but there is at least a very simple workaround.

Relevant post which - while worded differently - is actually caused by what you’re seeing.

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@cmallonee Thanks!

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Good to know I am not crazy! I was confused thinking what am I missing trying to alter its color!