[FEATURE-14817] Possible to add UDT parameters into document datatype memory tag?


I was wondering if there is any way to pass UDT parameters into an object of a document datatype memory tag?


Using “[{SiteCode}]{SiteCode}/INV01/Status” will just end up passing that exactly instead of adding the value filled out for the {SiteCode} parameter of the UDT.

We are trying to dynamically bind status tags to some dataset tags that are already filled out and reduce the amount of information having to be passed through to our remote sites

At this time, it is not possible to use UDT parameters in an object of a document datatype. I will create a feature request to see if we can get it added for a future release.

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Thanks, it would definitely help save time if it can be added.

The document datatype was a surprisingly useful find, and has been great for filling out repeater parameters without having to use scripting.