filterAlarm filtering out system tags

The Ignition project I am working on has the typical alarm grouping/filtering found on this page:

On our alarm tables, this filters out any [System] tags and only shows [default] tags. We would like to be able to see the [System] tags as well when they alarm. I assume this is an easy fix, but I was not able to find anything on the forums/docs.


If you are filtering as showing they are in the documentation, then your system alarms would need to be in the “Production” group.

Yea. The system alarms are in the same group.

Maybe you can show us some of your code/config?
For a test i created an alarm on the current time, just so it would be doing something

Then just copied the filter from the docs.

This is the filter alarm code. We have several alarm groups and one alarm page, so “selectedGroup” is supposed to change the alarm table to only show the alarms of a certain group. We also have an overarching alarm view, so that is why the second if statement returns true if there is no selectedGroup.