Filtering a tag browse tree to a drop down list

I am having trouble trying to filter the folders in a tag browse tree to a selected string in a drop down list.

There are two types of tag browse.
system.tag.browse   browses through tags you have defined via the Designer.
system.opc.browse   browses through device hardware of Gateway connected devices.

Here are two examples of places I’m using system.tag.browse:

   import system.tag # I have no idea why this is necessary but the runttime errors without it
   equipmentType = []
   types = system.tag.browseTags(parentPath=‘Config/EquipmentType’,parentType=‘root’)
   for type in types:
      equipmentType.append( [] )

   equipmentType = self.selectedEquipmentType
      if equipmentType != None:
      # get all Equipment Type tags from the gateway
      allEquipment = system.tag.browseTags(tagPath=’*/EquipmentType’,recursive=True)

Be careful with system.opc.browse* commands because it will be looking at all of the hardware devices and the many, many, many tags that can be found on any connected hardware. I brought my server to it’s knees until it timed out once.