Gateway time doesn't match timezone

Dear Ignition,
I have a problem with [System]Gateway/CurrentDateTime tag.

The correct system time is 09:48:15 CST
The gateway web page status tab shows the correct CST time
[System]Gateway/Timezone shows America/Chicago which is correct time zone CST

[System]Gateway/CurrentDateTime shows Thu Jan 24 10:48:15 EST 2019
Only this tag is EST for some reason and 1 hour ahead.

The gateway was restarted after the time zone adjustment.

Please advise.

We just ran into this on a new computer. Ignition was installed and started up on a Windows 10 computer set to the wrong timezone (one hour earlier) and then the timezone was set correctly in Windows. Ignition gateway status page showed the correct time for the new timezone. But Designer–and Vision clients set to use gateway timezone–were showing the correct gateway timezone, but the wrong time. Restarting Ignition gateway did not help. Neither did restarting Windows on the computer running the gateway.

Closing and re-opening Designer and Vision Clients resolved the issue. The previous steps (gateway and Windows restarts) may or may not have been necessary.