Get opc tag datatype using browseServer

Anyone have any idea how to retrieve the tag datatype when using opc.browseServer without using browseSimple? browseSimple is not an option as its built in recursion is too expensive. Using browseServer, I have the tag sitting in a tree view ready for further processing.

It doesn’t look like DataType information is included in the results of system.opc.browseServer right now.

This was probably done because requesting datatype information requires an additional read of 3 attributes for every node returned in the browse.

It can be added in a future version, but it I’m curious what you’re trying to do with it because it may not be in the easiest format to use (or even what you think it is).

It is for audit purposes in a 21CFR project we are working on. As long as we know what the format is and what the translation rules are, we should be ok with whatever is returned.

Ok - just to be clear you realize that this function is browsing the OPC server, not your Ignition tags, and that there can be any number of nodes in the server with any kind of datatype, from the builtin UA types to complex datatypes that the Ignition client doesn’t understand?

Yes. We have built the OPC server read side using browseServer and traverse it with no problem. Just made an incorrect assumption that, based on our initial test with browseSimple, the datatype would be available.