[IGN-2343] Unable to send updates to clients error in logs

We have errors over and over again in our logs for “unable to send updates to clients.” We see several errors per second. The errors indicate that it is with a Perspective session, but I think that it might actually be related to editing a Perspective view in the designer.

From past experience, it doesn’t cause usually major issues, and it disappears as soon as we restart the Gateway. However, we just had an issue where Ignition experienced a very momentary disconnect from our SQL Server 3 straight times when I saved our Parent project, and I’m starting to wonder if there could be a connection. Other users were able to able to save the Parent project without any issues, which makes me think it was related to my client. I’m curious now if the two errors could be related in anyway.

Has anyone seen this? Any ideas how to resolve it?

I would like to identify the root cause and eliminate it.


If anyone from IA replies, I had a ticket open earlier from this issue, but we closed the ticket after we restarted the gateway and the errors disappeared.


We are facing the same problem here.
As you said, after restarting the gateway, it stops, but after some time it starts again.

Did you manage to solve this problem?

We’re aware of the issue and the issue is in our queue for development (meaning it should be fixed sooner rather than later). The internal ticket provides no replication steps - nor does this thread - and that’s why it hasn’t been fixed previously. If anyone here can explain what caused the issue when it was first encountered it would help us immensely. We have been unable to replicate the issue internally, and so “fixing” the issue is going to troublesome.

I started seeing this warning in the status/logs after I imported a project with security. I’m not sure if it has to do with the security or the project import. Hopefully this provides some direction @cmallonee

I’m not completely honest how it starts, so I’m not sure how to replicate it. I think that it might be related to having the designer open with Perspective views open when I lose network connection to the Gateway. But that’s purely speculation; it is possible that it is related to an actual client that is connecting to a Perspective webpage.

All I know is that the error doesn’t cause any immediate issues, so we usually identify it after it has been going for a while.