Linking a multistate dispaly to 3 different tags

I would like to be able to display 4 different colors in a Multi-state indicator, but linking them to 3 different tags. State 0 being inactive and state 1,2,3 just displaying a different color when each of these tags changes its Boolean value to 1. Any ideas?
I tried generating a dummy tag and scripting Expression something like that, but cant get it to work…

&&{[.]o_Lt_AMBER 1}=1

Any help will be highly appreciated.


binEnum(toBoolean({[.]o_Lt_AMBER 1}),

Working with enumerators…Thank you. By the way is there a good manual describing the scripting language within the Induction software? The Induction manual is pretty skimpy in that area.

Sure, see here: … e-language

Oh, do you mean the expression language? There is not much to learn about it. It is expressions with functions and data types and bindings and some syntax. The Ignition user manual covers it.