Login "fails" when using Auth0 IDP...but not when you retry

I am using Auth0 as my IDP. Most of the time, when logging in to the Gateway, Designer, or a project, I am successfully redirected to Auth0 where I can successfully log in and am redirected back to Ignition. However, when I’m returned, Ignition does not recognize my authentication so I have to log in a second time, but going back to Auth0, reentering my credentials, and then being redirected back to Ignition…again. The second time, however, works great!

Looking through the logs I see several warnings from org.apache.http.client.protocol.ResponseProcessCookies stating:

Invalid cookie header: Set-Cookie: did_compat=...
Invalid cookie header: Set-Cookie: did=...
Invalid 'expires' attribute:...

After all those, the gateway.OIDCWebAuthStrategy logs a warning of:

Unable to retrieve user info from IDP

Searching the web has lead me to think this is an issue with the cookie policy being used by Ignition verses the policy being used by Auth0. Specifically with handling the situation where the cookie has expired. This is why the second time I log in, there is no problem…the cookie I had in my browser the second time was not expired.

What are my options for managing cookie policies with my IDP? Or is there something else going on?