Micrologix problem

I updated Ignition to 7.3 yesturday and now my Micrologix just keeps saying connecting but wont connect. It worked fine before I updated. None of the settings had changed for it so I am not sure why it has stopped wanting to connect on Ignition. The PLC is running just fine and communicating but just not with Ignition

Previous to upgrade, were you browsing the MicroLogix in the OPC Browser and dragging tags in or were you just directly addressing them without ever browsing?

The only issue we’ve seen is that in 7.3 a successful browse is required to connect, which made a couple of people’s setups break because they were connecting to things that weren’t actually MicroLogix PLCs or weren’t capable of browsing.

I believe there’s a 7.3.1 beta available that has an advanced option for disabling that browse request. If not, it will be present in the next 7.3.1 beta.

Just directly addressing them. I know it was the Micrologix because we were able to get data from it before and interact with the PLC with the designer

When I go to the OPC Browser and select the Micrologix it comes up with a folder Diagnostics and so forth.

Right, those are always there. It looks like you’ll need a beta of the AB module so you can use the disable browse option.

I’ve attached a beta version of the AB module that should have this option. You should probably be running 7.3.1.
Allen-Bradley Drivers-module.modl (337 KB)

I am running 7.3.1 but I will setup the module

I installed the module but I don’t think it really installed. Where can I find the option to turn off the browse? I checked in the micrologix settings in the configure and there aren’t any new options.

Nevermind now it is showing up

Alright it is connected now thanks a bunch!

Yep, no problem. Glad it’s working now.

I am having a similar problem AB 1100, I cannot see the tags other than the diagnostic in the OPC tag browser in the designer. I can ping the device and open a browser window wit hthe devices IP, so connection seems OK. Device loaded on the gateway “Allen-Bradley MicroLogix” driver, “Connected: Protocol: Bridged_EIP”, with Browsing disabled and Zero TNS is checked. I am running 7.6.6
With Browsing unchecked I get the following error on the counsel
“ABMicroLogixBrowseRequest@7858c83e request with key “10” failed due to timeout.”

What version of Ignition are you using? And what is the Allen-Bradley Drivers module version?
Also, make sure that browsing is not disabled in the PLC.

Ignition = 7.6
I am in the process of updating the firmware in the PLC. Not sure what it currently is. What is the minimum requirement for the firmware?

There isn’t minimum requirement , but recommend with Ignition 7.6.x is firmware 20.

This is a Micrologix not a control or compact logix, so the firmware revisions are different. What I did find was that this 1100 Micrologix had a Revision 1 loaded and was updated to Rev 13, then all of the tags in the OPC showed up, so It did turn out to be a Firmware issue after all.

I stand corrected, glad you were able to get the issue resolved.

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