Multiline label in perspective

Is there a way to create (format) multi-line label text in perspective’s label text property? I just want a label that looks like
Line 1
Line 2 here
Line 3 on the bottom

I did find this post on using the markdown component - so I’m basically asking if it is possible to use the label component for similar effect.

No, there is no multi-line functionality for the Label component; the purpose of the Markdown Component is to act as a multi-line Label, just as the Text Area acts as a multi-line text input.

Labels will wrap text that is too wide for them–at least in 8.1.7:
Some padding on the right prevents text from flowing into the arrowhead (clipping-path). This doesn’t give you any control over where the line breaks are, except by adjusting label width, but may be suitable for some uses.

Kind of a zombie thread at this point, but since it has already been exhumed I figure that I may as well add to it. As long as you edit your label’s text property through the popup editor that appears when the content is too long for the property editor toolbar and add your line breaks there:

You can create a “white-space” style property on the label, which will allow the line breaks to display when it is set to “pre”:


Search exhumed it so I figured why not resurrect it with some helpful info :sweat_smile: . Thanks for adding the white-space style detail. I could swear I tried that before posting and that didn’t work, but it works now.

Could be the hyphen; those always trip me up when playing with CSS in Perspective and I inevitably find myself back at the mdn web docs searching for what the correct attribute name is. :upside_down_face:

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That helped me a ton just now.

white-space: pre allowed me to type whatever I wanted in the top row, and then whatever I set in the second row. It would line break the middle perfectly.
Ignition 8.1.0

Now I just need a way to make XY chart xaxis column text turn vertical in 8.1.0.

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