Nested PopUp Keyboard does not work in V7.5.10

I am at a customer’s site performing some upgrades. Upgraded from V7.5.7. to V7.5.10.

A function that worked before no longer works after the upgrade on a toych screen
I have a down time table, where the operator highlights a selected row, presses EDIT button and a pop up form is displayed for the operator in input down time info. When the operator touches info text cell, the pop up keyboard is displayed:

[attachment=1]ScreenHunter_02 Aug. 20 07.49.jpg[/attachment]

After the upgrade to V7.5.10, the pop up keyboard no longer appears when the info text cell is touched. Only method to input text is using a keyboard. I have duplicated this on my laptop.

[attachment=0]ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 20 07.46.jpg[/attachment]

Just to confirm, that component in your popup window is a text area component, right? I was able to reproduce this bug with that component.

Yes , that is correct. This text component is used to add comments to selected down times from a table.

This is indeed a bug with the text area component, I will file a bug ticket.

This is fixed for 7.5.11 stable, and whenever the next RC release for 7.5 is done.