New module - RWS - Restful Web Services , from PRAMANJ Technologies

Hello everyone,

We are glad to announce the release of new module called RWS which stands for Restful Web Services for Ignition using webDev module. This allows you to communicate with Ignition server thru an HTML page in a very simple manner. You can build amazing UI on HTML pages using the plethora of open sources components such as jquery, chart.js SVG etc. Please see a video on introduction to this module at link
This module is part of ARSCADA module and you have to download the ARSCADA module from to use this module. The step by step instructions for installing and using this module are given on the github page.

Please evaluate this module. You can find many useful application of this module in your customer projects. Please feel free to give your feed back and suggestions.

Best Regards
PRAMANJ Technologies


  1. The demo version of RWS works for 5 minutes and stops fetching data from Ignition. You need to refresh the page for it to start again. The licensed version will not have this restriction. (In the video couple of times the screen had to be refreshed to see updates on screen , which was because of this unlicensed version issue).

  2. RWS and ARSCADA can be bought separately, however ARSCADA price includes RWS. However RWS can be bought independently if you don’t want ARSCADA.

New version 1.5 of RWS as well as ARSCADA is available on EXCHANGE portal. See following post for details of changes.