Nightly Changelogs - 2019

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.1- b20190412

Ignition Platform

13483: Bundle moment-with-locales for localization support

13355: Hostname errors on startup if OS hostname not defined (metro)
When a hostname isn’t defined during the first start of the gateway, we attempt to grab one from the network interfaces to allow the metro keystore to be created.

13535: restore missing OptimizedDataSet constructor and deprecate it
Fixed error deserializing windows serialized with an OptimizedDataSet from 7.9 or prior.

13533: Changed default URL for postgres connections
Changed the default connect URL for Postgres connections to better match the database’s default configuration.


13232, 13062: Place inactive Dock Views in the DOM so that they can receive messages


13481: Replacing expression style for Named Query value tag references in the client tag editor

12648: Prevent selection change after creating components in Vision
Fixed a bug where selection would change after adding a component to a window or template.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.1- b20190416

Ignition Platform

13557 and 13561: Client tag subscription fixes
Client tag subscriptions can stop receiving updates after CRC mismatch.

13531: Always use highest module version when parsing license details
Fixed an issue with licenses not activating correctly if they had references to both old and new module IDs.

13186 Added button to browse properties and inject script references


13416 & 13503: Fix indentation and copy/paste issues with script editors
Improved behavior of copy and select-all actions in script editors with fixed-content docstrings.
Fixed a bug with placeholder indentation in native device data handling event scripts.

13075: Add host session property
Added a ‘host’ property to session properties, which will reflect the connecting system’s IP or hostname.

12134: Show deleted security levels with rules
Identity Provider - Security Level Rules and User Grants defined for Security Levels that no longer exist will now display with an indicator icon and a banner.

13192: Docked panel vertical scrolling and misc fixes
Also fixes FB12880 and FB13145
Added scrolling to left/right docked view editors to prevent unintended cap on number of docked views.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.1- b20190419

Enterprise Administration

13409: Fixes TimeoutExpiredException when attempting to reinstall EAM agent and other UI fixes
TimeoutExpiredException and other errors were thrown when attempting to reinstall an EAM agent using Agent Recovery mode.

13479: Ignore case when checking remote system names
Improved hostname matching for gateway network specified list security policy.

Ignition Platform

13442: Named Query settings panel saves changes to caching and enabled
Named Query settings panel now correctly saves changes to caching and enabled status.

13587: Incorrect method override for “isWildcard” in subscription manager
Incorrect management of wildcard based tag subscriptions.

13569: legacy tag provider conversion can fail when ranking UDT definitions & UDT members
Tag conversion during 8.0 upgrade could fail with a NullPointerException for UDT definition tags that are missing data before conversion. These errors are now logged, and will no longer prevent the remainder of the conversion.

13608: Fix NPE in PagesConfigPanel
Fixed a null pointer exception thrown when removing page configurations.

13596: Replacing Jython library ICU with version 63.2

12774: Revamp the DB/Query tag query editor
Updated the editor used for the ‘Query’ property on query tags

13484: Tag import issues, along with lack of error reporting

13593: Schema validation and IllegalArgumentException on gateway startup

13288: Handle resources turning into folders from a pull in the Designer

11557: Update default ‘session’ tab ID in Designer to 'session-props’

13487: Fix tag insert in reporting workspace
Tag chooser in reporting workspace now correctly adds curly braces around tag path.

13555: Tag drop onto templates results in classcastexception
Exception thrown when attempting to drop tags onto templates in Vision windows.

13425: Error Referencing Scripts/Packages in Parent Projects
Also fixes 13520, 13526, 13492

11914: Scripting functions visibility in designer
Scripting functions that don’t require Vision are now visible in the Designer if Vision is not installed.

12987: Updating menu icons in the Vision Client

13542: gwbk restores exclude the collections pylib
The deprecated collections python library is now removed on backup restore to prevent collisions with the new collections library.


13156: Find & replace support for Perspective Views

13573: Fix NPE in DockSideEditor
Prevented a null pointer exception when exiting the dialog box to remove a docked view from page configuration

12837, 12673: XYChart revalidates data, axis on datasource updates
Removing values from the XY Charts datasource now updates the charted values correctly.
Datasource binding on the XY Chart now properly cause the chart to re-render with the new values

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.1- b20190422

Alarm Notification

13501: Voice notification crashes jvm

Allen-Bradley Drivers

13617: Fix deadlock in Logix driver
Fixed a deadlock in the Logix driver.

Enterprise Administration

13491: Fixed NPE when sending single tag

Ignition Platform

13597: Setting internal system PyState before initializing encoding on a new creation. Jython static functions can target the wrong state
Modifying the Gateway third party Python script directory pylib/ no longer causes an encoding error in Designer contexts

13542: Remove Collections dir in pylib on upgrade
The deprecated collections python library is now removed on backup restore to prevent collisions with the new collections library.

13518: rename resources with illegal filenames on Windows
Automatically rename projects and resources with the following illegal (on Windows) filenames on upgrade: CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, COM5, COM6, COM7, COM8, COM9, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LPT8, and LPT9

13524: Issues storing tag history in UDTs
Improved the default logic and handling of tag history on new tags. Minimum Time setting now has a default of 1 second, and on-change evaluation now batches data changes more efficiently for transfer to the storage engine.

13622: Adding the source client tag to value/qualityChanged script calls, wrapping it in a read-only delegate
Tag event scripts on Vision client tags error out with message about incorrect number of parameters.

13548: Renaming Tag Folder To Same Name Deletes Folder
Renaming a tag folder to its original name caused the folder and its child tags to disappear until the tag provider was edited and saved within the Gateway.

13259: Normalize export/import icons in launchers

13522: Use session project name in getSessionInfo
Corrected the project name displayed when using system.util.getSessionInfo()

13513: Fix import of legacy project and shared scripts
Fixed importing of project and shared scripts from 7.x


13626: Make sure an instance of the script console is finalized before possibly blowing up on module imports
Project script syntax errors no longer prevent the Designer script console from opening

13187: Perspective Unsupported Browser terminal state
IE browsers now show an unsupported browser page when attempting to launch a perspective session instead of showing a blank page.

13563: Property sync now works with views whose names start with ‘session’ or 'page’
Property sync now works for views whose name starts with “session” or “page”


13575: Vision resource types weren’t getting registered for des import
Fixed designer import of Vision resources from Ignition 7.x

The 8.0.1-rc1 is now available at
Here are the last changes that made it in:

Alarm Notification

13512: Fix merge conflict, restore functionality of calculated rosters
Fixed a bug where calculated rosters were not working.


13067: Installer no longer fails on upgrade if sqljdbc_auth file is present.
Fixed installer failure with installations that have a sqljdbc_auth.dll file for using Windows auth with SQL Server.

Ignition Platform

13624: Paint function definition line number

13494: Added IdP broker capability to support improved user security and privacy from native apps
Added IdP broker capability to support improved user security and privacy in native app federated auth flows.

13496: Fix name check in BrowseFilter
Fixed the name filter in system.tag.browse to not require a fully qualified tagpath.

13471: Gateway side edits to tag configuration do not take hold until tag is restarted.
Edits made to existing tags through gateway side scripting (including legacy scripting functions that may not appear to be gateway side) are not properly detected and applied to running tags. Tags must be restarted or manually edited for changes to take effect.


13499: Update NEF internal state on external value change
Fixed the internal bookkeeping in the numeric entry field to properly support bidirectional value changes.

13541: Relax truthiness check on radio group updateFromValue
Fixed the behavior of the radio group if bound bidirectionally and a tag updates to a ‘false’ value.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.2- b20190426

Alarm Notification

13009: Errors on restarting Alarm Pipeline module

Ignition Platform

13006: Auto-focus gateway address field in modal
NCL: Gateway address field in manual gateway modal now auto-focuses.

13113: Cannot edit parameter values through system.tag.configure

13641: system.user now visible in designer when Vision is not installed
system.user scripting functions are now visible in the Designer when Vision is not installed.

13292: TagTreeModel stacks up subscriptions on nodes
Duplicate tag subscription listeners were created in the Designer when the Gateway was restarted.

Abstract table to table common, rewrite table component, add features, fix bugs, set up to branch and build alarm status table.
Please see [Feedback] NEW Perspective Table for additional information.

Includes Features:
12173: Copying values from selection, when only one cell is selected, will copy only that
13450: Rows can be configured to override the subview configuration of the rows config
13297: The prop ‘enableFiltering’ is now an object called ‘filter’ where it can be toggled
13586: Text Field in Filter props doesn’t allow you to enter data
13359: Pagination Rework

Includes fixes for:
10958: Table header z-order is no longer greater than other components.
13168: View cells should receive row data as view params
12856: Fixed, by allowing tables in subviews to be configured as non-virtualized.
13224: Table boolean checkbox render mode no longer always renders as true
12180: Boolean value with auto render mode now display checkboxes.
12933: Table filtering no longer breaks if certain special characters are typed out
12931: Table filtering no longer breaks when data contains null values
13157: Subviews when open no longer disappear when scrolled out of view
13158: Table columns should expand and grow with client.


13042: Fixed Chart Customizer UDT NPE


13682, 13683: Bound column configs render column id until provided a title, columns with auto render mode no longer attempt to render as date

12917: Make dropdown defensive against null return values
Fixed an issue where the dropdown component would enter an error state if configured with null Data.

13429 Android Chrome - Dock Corner Priority
Corner Priority is now correctly honored by Docks with Chrome for Android

13324: Add actionPerformed to mouse-based input components
Also fixes 13173 and 12990
Added actionPerformed event (which will not fire when the component is disabled) to the following components: Barcode Scanner, Button, Checkbox, Date Time Input, Date Time Picker, Dropdown, Multistate Button, Numeric Entry Field, One Shot Button, Radio Group, Slider, Toggle Switch

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.2- b20190429

Ignition Platform

13670: Client tag subscription management creates significant delays on subscription heavy windows

13405: Updated tag browser icons


13668: Pass gateway address from client to Native Device Challenge

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.2- b20190430

Alarm Notification

13558: Set callback URLs only when the hostname is configured
Fixed a bug that resulted twilio accounts being faulted when a public hostname was not set.


13351: Follow redirects in http bindings
Added logging to aid in trouble shooting errors due to gateway redirect arising from http bindings that target the deprecated ‘/main/system/webdev’ endpoint.

13171: Add deep selection badge, menu item to ComponentNode
Added a ‘deep select’ icon and action to the project browser

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.2- b20190502

Ignition Platform

12268: Allow colons in opc tag names

13648: Tag groups are not stored by provider
Tag Group configurations are incorrectly shared by all internal providers- should only be used by the provider in which they are configured.
Also fixes FB13576 and FB13577

13576: sqlth_te records are always exempt
Tag history stored in “tag group” mode not attributed to correct sqlth_scinfo entry.

13577: sqlth_scinfo isn’t updated with new scinfo records

l13623: Close the tracker input stream if a gzip input stream cannot be created due to an exception
The designer no longer looks busy until user clicks another resource when opening resource with blank resource file.


13190: Added a session prop boolean to represent whether the websocket is currently connected or not

13720 Fixed uncaught exception with partial reference paths
Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException caused when typing partial paths into a property binding.


13627: Easy chart onTagsDropped function receiving incorrect item paths.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.2- b20190503

Ignition Platform

13526: Install project scripts on gateway script manager after modules load

13717: Ensure [global] project exists in the idb on 8.0 conversion


13213: Update perspective session icons
Adding appropriate icons for Perspective mobile sessions on the Gateway status screen

13419: Upgrade react-markdown package in Perspective

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.2- b20190506

Ignition Platform

13736: Prevent non-overridable resource errors in Vision
Fixed bug where non-overridable Vision templates could be opened to edit when embedded in a window.


13697: Naive Interpolation of Props with Spaces in their names

13639: Move refresh action into semi-hidden view node actions
Hid the ‘refresh’ action in the Perspective designer workspace.


11351: Allow blanking of null format in reports
Null format in reports can now be blanked out

13707: Add and remove ReportBase to / from ReportingClientHook only if the runtime application scope is a vision client

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.2- b20190507

Ignition Platform

13679: Tag audits
Replaced auditing for Gateway tag manipulation

13523: Allow resource rename to only change the name

13646: Fix alarm pipeline block connector offset

13470: Dropdowns for role/zone custom permissions on tag are now text fields

13680: Tag browser no longer allows write attempts to root tag folders
Tag browser no longer allows write attempts to root tag folders.


9653: Fix cloud template import
Updated the cloud template browser to work with new project resource system.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.2- b20190508

Alarm Notification

13599: Voice Notification Module - Setting to make pipelines not interactive
Voice notification profiles can now better deal with script elements that are blank. This should enable use with non-phone based SIP annunciators, as the script can be made to not request user feedback.

Ignition Platform

13482: Find/Replace support in project scripts
Fixed find/replace support in project script library.

13507 Edge Browser Center View covered instead of pushed
Perspective - Microsoft Edge, The center view’s height no longer covered by push bottom docks.

13642: Make some funcs visible in designer
Selected scripting functions are now visible in the Designer when Vision is not installed, and also work in the Gateway.

13691: Implemented rename image folder capability
Folders may now be renamed in the Image Browser.

13772: Iterate embedded JREs to 11.0.3

13692: Fixed tab strip paint artifacts with transparent backgrounds

13654: Adding runtime data when constructing alarm ack event
User and notes are stored in the alarm journal on alarm acknowledgement

13344: Update the ‘expand property’ icon
Updated the property icon used in Vision and Perspective.

13735: Designer lockup printing uncaught stacktraces to system.err
Fixed issue that could cause the designer or client to pause until the launcher application was closed.


13346: SelectionTool.tsx make inDrag detection more reliable
Components in a Column Container will no longer require a double click to select after any component in the container has been moved.


13760: Commit report workspace editor on deactivation
Committing Report resources when navigating away from workspace editors


13794: Notifying module hooks that saving is done on a manual update, putting the designer back into a “non-serializing” state
Performing a manual merge in the Designer no longer stops Vision component events from firing

13647: Vision module will no longer crash in the designer if a window’s data is bad
Vision module will no longer crash in the designer if a window’s data is bad.

13766: Fix NPE applying Vision updates
Fixed NPE when updating project properties for Vision projects

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.2- b20190509

Alarm Notification

13708 fixed issue where saving alarm pipelines reloaded the ui
Fixed issue where saving in the designer caused an open alarm pipeline model to re-load, altering focus.

Ignition Platform

12220: Tabbed config dialog UI refinements
UI refinements for tabbed configuration dialogs

13637: Update TagSelectorEditor model on initialize
Fixed tag browser having out of date tag information in source property of derived and reference tags.

13662: Disallow andpersand from folder name on initial creation

13719: Modify js to be able to cancel reports on the gateway
Currently executing reports can be cancelled from the Gateway status page

13031, 13752: Added Expression and Script Helper Methods for checking if a user is authorized by security levels
Security level names are now case-aware but case-insensitive.

13289: Expression editor right click/autocomplete ‘functions’ menu does not handle pathing correctly


13279 Make PasswordField Selectable Again
Designer - Perspective - Click and drag selection will now function with PasswordField components.

13455: Perspective Sessions Ignore Security Zone Security Restrictions
Perspective Sessions now respect Zone/Role Restrictions for NamedQueries.

13560: Using Flatten On A Material Icon Results In Console Error
Flatten now works on Icon components.


13729: Fix NPE if query-building off an empty table
Fixed null pointer exception in query builder if you attempted to view relations to a non-existent table.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.2- b20190510

Enterprise Administration

13379 EAM Restore Backup doesn’t restore saved modules

Ignition Platform

13585: Tag browser state isn’t retained when toggling to/from Vision

10255: Fix potential NPE in active query builder


13749: Property key incorrect for mobile session timeout

13440: Gateway Message Handlers Fail To Recognize Permissions When Triggered From Perspective
Gateway Message Handlers correctly use zones/roles from Perspective

13783: Adding shortcuts for Perspective view event and script editors
Added keyboard shortcuts for Perspective Designer workspace event and script editors


13737: Revert TypeUtilites#coerce(, ) to align behavior
Relaxed requirements for casting a string to a font, which was causing various issues within the client and designer.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.2- b20190513

Ignition Platform

13644: Make functions visible when Vision not installed scripting functions are now visible in the Designer when Vision is not installed.

13594: system.tag.move now uses the same copyInternal method that a tag drag in the designer uses
A tag folder’s contents is no longer lost when using system.tag.move to move the folder into a UDT.

13712: Update launchers to use Dialog font
Launchers now use Dialog font to prevent scrambled rendering on some windows environments

13793: Sync adding write requests to batch opc operations before sending to the gateway
Avoiding an NPE caused by a race condition when performing many batch OPC writes at once


13808: Navigation via page does not work from barcode scan event handler
Session Events coming from mobile devices now include pageId on the context.

13241: Updated ‘Project Not Runnable’ Terminal State
Perspective Project Not Runnable verbiage and icon updated.

13715: Allow Perspective sessions to update mobile challenge

13374: Made the expression struct binding pull in the current structure
The Expression Structure binding will now pre-populate its structure shape with the current shape of the target object.


13812: Flip equals check to prevent NPE
Fixed an NPE thrown by template repeaters/canvases nested inside template repeaters/canvases.**

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.2- b20190515

Ignition Platform

13342: Iterate ARM jvm version to fix arrayCopy() AIOOB Exception
Incremented the ARM JRE so that Ignition Gateway startup on certain ARM devices no longer throw an Index Out Of Bounds Exception.

13801: UDT definition was not importing correctly when the provider root folder was selected
UDT definitions are now imported correctly when the tag provider root folder is selected.


13220: Add a display attribute to flex child layout
Added a ‘display’ attribute to flex container position properties to allow children to continue to exist but not consume any space in layout


13633: Fixed scaling for opc/expression items in transaction groups


13778: Forward port of 11495: Unable to modify run-always chart
Run-always charts are not restarted when modifications are made to the chart configuration.


13885: Avoid cast exception when creating a new client tag
Preventing a ClassCastException from being thrown on client tag creation

10499: Fix NPE from AbstractRangedComponent
Fixed an issue with the fill level indicator and cylindrical tank component throwing null pointer exceptions.

13831: Fix default Vision client permission state
Fixed issue where Vision client permissions were defaulting to enabled on new projects.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.2- b20190516

Ignition Platform

12796: Page config wheel alignment

13851: Sanitize comma in tag paths

13739: Integer code of Good quality incompatible with common expressions
Default integer value of value quality does not line up with Ignition 7, causing issues with expressions that rely on integer comparison.

13765: Prevent duplicate run of gateway startup script
Fixed issue where gateway startup scripts would execute twice.

13724: Allow translation prop files to import/export UTF-8
Improved handling of translation property file exports and imports for non-ASCII characters.

13728: Convert driver cache key to lowercase before lookup
Path argument to system.tag.browseHistoricalTags is no longer case-sensitive.

13864: Error is not thrown when dragging a parent folder to its own child, resulting in tag loss
A tag folder could be moved to its own child folder, destroying both tag folders. This operation is now caught, and an error message is shown instead.


13767: Commit open group before processing rename
Fixed issue where transaction groups would lose unsaved changes upon rename.

Tag Historian

13516: Update sql date format to include milliseconds
Store and Forward quarantine export now uses milliseconds in the timestamp string. This should help prevent primary key errors during quarantine import when timestamps have the same seconds value.


13883: Fix NPE in UserManagementPanel, swap Guava Objects for builtin
Fixed a null pointer exception thrown when switching the User Management Component to ‘Edit Single’ mode.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.2- b20190517

Ignition Platform

13897: Fixes a regression caused by 13594 that was creating a folder during a tag rename

13921: Copying and Pasting folder into parent correctly re-paths children
Copying and pasting resource folder that contains resources into the same parent folder now places the newly created child resources into the correct folder.

13609: Wrapper auto_bits now always false for mac os x
auto_bits defaults to false for Mac OS X, no longer preventing gateway startup when upgrading/restoring a gateway where this property was set to true.

13742: Tag Group editor reverts name on selection change
Added Apply button to Tag Group editor and group name will update correctly after selecting a new Tag Group.

13688: {InstanceName} parameter in nested UDT instance returns root UDT instance instead
Built in {InstanceName} does not resolve to the nearest composite udt instance (as in 7), but instead incorrectly goes to root instance definition.

11833: Defaulting the tag browser tree to hide the datatypes folder for bindings
The Data Types folder is no longer visible in the tag binding selection tree


13614: Deserialization of vision windows with TagQuality values now open with DataQuality values of UNKNOWN