[Perspective 8.10] Is there any way to extract the Client MAC ID into a Session Property

We are currently working on a project that potentially could have ~1500 devices connected to a perspective project from different European timezones. Each of these devices will need some configuration data passed to them on boot up from a Database. The original idea was to use the device MAC ID as part of the 'ON-Startup" DB query, we have considered using the session ID but as this is not persistent data and changes when the browser cache is cleared will be un reliable.
Any thoughts or ideas on how to remedy this will be greatly appreciated


Browser privacy features actively try prevent what you are trying to do, certainly preventing access to the Mac Id. The closest you can get in Perspective is session.device.identifier, though it isn’t guaranteed to survive deliberate attempts to wipe it. I would expect it to be more reliable in the mobile apps.

If you absolutely have to have this kind of reliable device identity, and you aren’t on mobile, Vision is still the only way to get it. Using techniques like this.

@pturmel, thanks for the quick response…
we have had some success with the device.identifier but as you stated its not guaranteed.
clearing the browser cache always creates a new Session ID

I’ll give it some more thought