Perspective component question

Hi, how can i draw lines, circles, squares in perspective? I need to draw P&ID.

Hi @lyhkch, there are no drawing tools in Perspective yet.

I believe a common method is to use .svg and then overlay bits on top. @nminchin or @nader.chinichian have posted stuff about this in the past, so I defer to their expertise :smiley:

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Yep, SVGs are the way to go for all symbols at the moment (although I would argue into the future as well). To create SVGs and edit them, I use the open source vector editor Inkscape (very close in features to Adobe Illustrator, without the price tag)
I use Label components with css borders set to make my pipework - I use either single-edged borders or right-angled borders. They work pretty well.

Nader will often create all of the pipework as an SVG and then place device view templates where they need to go (or so I believe)

Perspective drawing tools are “Coming soon”, as they say…


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Thank you! @nminchin @matthew.ayre I will try.