Perspective - custom exit a project in the app with out appBar

I understand that we can use the appBar to exit out of the application, but is there a way to mimic that “exit project” feature programatically using system.perspective ? Sorry if this is already asked, but I am not able to find a clear/proper way to do that.

I am also looking for an “exit project” feature. I can’t seem to find a method in the documentation.

I am finding the app bar toggle position “left” interferes with the Powerchart in full screen mode.


While the app bar “right” position interferes with the Powerchart in mobile mode.


And when using app bar “hidden” , and the you quit the application with Android we get an error log which is annoying with many users checking the trends frequently .

Using system.perspective.closeSession() results in this screen which you still need to quit.