Perspective Login Setup

We have users, passwords and roles setup on the gateway currently. The data we’ll show is highly dependent on those users and roles.

How do you setup a basic login now for a Perspective client so we can access the user/roles? From what I’ve read this maybe is ready yet. But if it there’s any resources for this please let me know!


I would wait a week or so for the identity provider stuff to be fully ready - there should be a post somewhere on this forum explaining what’s changed and how to use it.

ok sounds good, thanks. But do you know if we’ll still have access to the users on the gateway?

Hah, just kidding - just went up a few minutes ago: I would direct any questions into that thread so Joel can see them.

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As Paul mentioned: Identity Providers and Security Levels configuration pages in the Gateway Web Interface were introduced in the last nightly build.

If you already have users and roles set up you should be able to do the following to get authentication working in your perspective project:

  1. Create a new Ignition type Identity Provider in the Gateway Config section and assign it the user source you are using
  2. Assuming you want to force all users to login to your perspective project:
  3. In the designer, open the project you want to protect with authentication. Go to the Project -> Properties Menu. In the Perspective section on the left hand side, you will see a drop down to select the Identity Provider you just created. Choose it.
  4. In the checkbox tree below the Identity Provider dropdown, choose the “Authenticated” security level
  5. Click Ok to apply and close the Project Properties pop up
  6. Save your project to push the changes to the gateway
  7. Now users must login to access the perspective project

Now as far as roles go:

In the security levels section of the Gateway Web Interface, under the Public -> Authenticated -> Roles node, create a new node for each role you created with the same name as that role and Save.

Now back to the designer - for the project, you can further protect access to starting a session by selecting the appropriate role(s) in the checkbox tree in Project -> Properties. Don’t forget the two radio options below the checkbox tree - those dictate how the security levels are evaluated (all selected levels must be present vs. just one of).

Perspective projects can have permissions set on each view as well as Gateway-scoped actions (such as a script action).