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I don’t currently support any mobile Ignition projects, but people are becoming increasingly interested in them, so that may change and I’m trying to understand how 8 and Perspective will change things.

The upcoming Perspective Mobile module will replace the existing Mobile module. It sounds like those projects run inside the Perspective app on the mobile device and no longer launch a session that runs on the Gateway?

I believe the Perspective Browser module creates responsive applications that will work on a desktop or mobile browser with no need for a container app. Do P-Mobile and P-Browser run the same project or do you have to create separate ones for mobile and browser use?

With the change to in-browser HMIs, I’m questioning the need to add Mobile to our license.

Perspective comes in two three licenses, which I think may be part of your confusion. The mobile-only license will only run inside of the native mobile applications (iOS and Android) and is part of the ‘upgrade’ for total-care customers who purchased Mobile module licenses in <8.0 [1]. The full Perspective license allows any device (desktop, phone, tablet, etc) with a modern web browser [2] to launch the same Perspective resources/projects/views.

EDIT: Three licenses, actually - Mobile (native app) only, browser (no native app) only, or both combined. The ‘migration’ path from existing Mobile module licenses still stands - a 7.9 Mobile module license + a total care contract = a Perspective mobile-only license in 8.0.

There’s no additional effort required to “port” a Perspective window to/from desktop/mobile. There is some additional, front-loaded overhead in terms of UI design, in that you have to design your projects around being able to resize from small, portrait-oriented mobile devices up to large, landscape desktop resolutions. The tools available in the Perspective designer are what helps you do this. I would definitely recommend checking out Carl’s overview of the Perspective module [3] and, if you have a ticket/can sweet-talk your sales rep, the Design Principles for Creating Mobile-Responsive HMIs video is also a great resource for learning about that extra design work.

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Will both Perspective modules have access to a mobile devices GPS and Camera or is that the Perspective Mobile module only?

There is only one Perspective module. As far as I know, only the native mobile apps will expose the additional functionality (barcode scanning, image capture, geolocation) but I’m not completely sure of that. Launching a Perspective project through the web browser, even on a mobile device, will not get location data. EDIT: Location data is accessible to browser-launched Perspective sessions as well, although native apps can get access to higher-fidelity data from the device.


Yes, the demo app site has geolocation working for me in Chrome on my desktop. The barcode scanning widgets are present, but non-functional in either desktop or mobile browser, as expected. Haven’t been able to install the Perspective app yet.

Because of a technical hangup or you just haven’t gotten around to it yet?

My is actually over 100 years old and steam-powered, so does not support the required iOS 11. But I did borrow one and try it out. Barcode scanning worked great, including Code 39 and Aztec symbologies. Cool stuff.

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PGriffith - Just to clarify, I’m assuming a Basic Care contract with upgrade protection will also allow us to upgrade a 7.9 Mobile module to Perspective Mobile?

Honestly, I don’t know anything more than what’s in Kevin’s original post I linked to. Your sales rep would be the best person to find out with for sure.

I am trying to run Perspective client on a chromium based Web HMI.
I can only see a blank background screen and nothing.
The HMI is a Chromium based version #75 and OS is Linux Yocto.
The server is a windows PC.Do I need to do any additional settings to run perspective client on this HMI?

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