Replace values displayed as "null" in the perspective table

Ignition 8.1.3
When we query audit table for example, NULL value are displayed as “null” in the perspective table

Is there an effective way to display empty value instead of null ?

If those columns are supposed to be numbers, a script transform like this to set the correct column types should work:

If they are strings, you could do a script transform that replaces the null with "".

I would like to avoid checking all dataset values :unamused: @PGriffith
IMO it will be better that None value in a dataset would be displayed as empty string in the table component ?

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How are you querying the audit table?

This is an option we’ve had a feature ticket for for a while. I kicked it up in prioritization.


Removing the column name from columns.[X].field property worked for me. Doing this, it shows blank for null.