Set Selected Row for Power Table on Window Opening

Can’t seem to get this working. Using the initialize extension in the table properties all I want to do is set the selected row to 1 when the window opens. I’m assuming this has to be pretty simple have tried

table.selectedRow = 1

What am I missing here? Neither is working

If you are using a Power Table Initialize extension script, the proper syntax would be:

self.selectedRow = 1

I have tested this and cannot get it working either.
I also tried setting the selectedRow via the window internalFrame event scripts and visionWindow event scripts but not working there either.
The row was changed momentarily, but was promptly de-selected. Maybe there is some other thing overwriting it?
Perhaps a bug with the component. Hopefully someone can pitch in.

IA doesn’t document the order of initialization events and custom methods with respect to each other and the propertyChange events that can result. Assigning the dataset to the component generally produces a pair of assignments to selectedRow attempting to maintain the previously selected row. Your best bet is to wrap your assignment in an invokeLater() operation, so it happens after any already-queued events.

Thanks for the response…are you able to clarify this more?


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