Slow View Client Startup + Java checkbox

I have developed several screens in Ignition and have clients running on PCs that should have plenty of horsepower. But the clients take about 2 minutes to startup. I am running the trial version of 7.9.7 (2 hour timeouts). Does that have any bearing on speed? The clients are 64 bit and I have the 64 bit version of java (and it is 8u171). The PCs and server are on a local switch as is the PLC that most everything comes from, but my customer set the Ignition up with SFCs and a database available thru a VPN.

Also, the java gives a message every time asking if we want to run the application because it may be a security risk, and there isn’t a checkbox to make it stop asking that. Is there something I can do to prevent these messages and having to check the box that it is ok? I put the address listed in the exception list, but it didn’t change anything.

I would guess java is trying to connect to the internet to validate the certificate signature chains, and you are getting the standard 90-second TCP/IP connection failure timeout.

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If these clients are totally off the internet, you can try disabling certificate revocation check - that’s a common source of slow launching. Assuming you’re on Windows, open the java control panel, then in the advanced section you can disable certificate revocation checks:

Thank you - that brought it down to less than 10 seconds. Am I stuck with the security prompt?

So after closing and reopening it a few more times, even those went away. Thanks, again!