SourceDataType changes upon Tag Import (hint: it Bytes)

I thought it was my imagination on a few tags that I imported using the CSV file (Ignition 7.8). I found their Source Data Type was set to Byte, when I thought I had left it as Automatic.

It wasn’t. I just did a massive update using a CSV file and it did it to every single tag. I exported my tags out, changed the contents of two columns (switching tags to Kepware) and then uploaded the CSV.

I can see the SourceDataType column in the CSV is blank when i exported as “Automatic”. After manually setting all my tags to their appropriate SourceDataType and then exporting, they appear in the column.

Hope this helps anyone avoid this pain until it’s addressed.
As for me and my household, we shall fill in the SourceDataType when creating tags! :slight_smile:


I’ve had similar issues using the CSV import.

For strings, when it is set to “Automatic” in the CSV file, after the import, the strings still get set to Byte. This causes the strings to show up as ‘0’ in the HMI screens when the value is NULL. Big annoyance.
It seems like for some properties to import properly, you need to use XML, for others you need to use CSV. I have found that neither one imports all properties properly.