Tag History Binding dialog returns no Historical Tags

I am running 7.5.9 on a CentOS Linux box.

I previously was runing 7.5.8 and the Property Binding: Root Container.Status Chart dialog returned Historical Tags to select from when Tag History is selected. Then you would just drag and drop into Selected Historical Tags.

After upgrading 7.5.9, this is broken. No Historical Tags show up in the list of Available Historical Tags.

7.5.8 had issues with Gateway connections dropping out, that seems to be fixed in 7.5.9 but now there is this bug.

Reverting to 7.5.8 again allows the dialog to work, but the Gateway connection issue is there again.

We were able to add the necessary Historical Tags to the Status Chart.

Going back to 7.5.9 fixes the connection issus, but Historical Tag issue is there again.

The projects on the Gateway all work properly. They store the Tag History correctly, and execute the Status Charts correctly.

The issue only appears in Designer. It happens in any component that accesses the Tag History system. Admin privaleges does not fix the problem.

How soon is 7.5.10 or 7.6.3 coming out?

Can I downgrade just the Vision module? Is Designer part of that?

Need answers.



Might this problem be related to this one…


I did a WebEx with Anna Christian in tech support.

She was able to see the problem.

This Tag History Binding dialog problem is related to the Oracle JDBC driver or Translator in 7.5.9.

The console log is showing an “ORA-00904” error from Oracle.

There is also a problem with the Status Chart Component.

Just thought I’d give feedback to the forum.


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Thanks, yes, there was a column in the query that wasn’t properly being quoted, and that was throwing off Oracle.

It will be fixed in 7.6.3-rc2.