TagChangeListener not getting the tagChanged event in Ignition 8

In Ignition 7 I was able to get the tagChanged(TagChangeEvent tagChangeEvent) by implementing the TagChangeListener class.
This is my code for Ignition 8 where I am trying to do the same thing.

My Implementation:

public class TagListener implements TagChangeListener {
    String name;
    GatewayContext context;
    String historyProviderName;

    public TagListener(String name, GatewayContext context, String historyProviderName) {
        this.name = name.toLowerCase();
        this.context = context;
        this.historyProviderName = historyProviderName;

    public void tagChanged(TagChangeEvent tagChangeEvent) throws InvalidListenerException {
        List<TagPath> list= new ArrayList<TagPath>();//creates list with type TagPath
        try {
            List<QualifiedValue> tags= context.getTagManager().readAsync(list).get();
        } catch (InterruptedException | ExecutionException e) {

I call my implementation:

String tagPath = historicalTagValue.getSource().toStringFull();
tagPath = createFullTagPath(tagPath, systemProvider).toLowerCase();

TagPath tagPathItem = TagPathParser.parse(tagPath);

//Register a Tag Change Listener if the tag doesn't already have one
TagChangeListener tempListener = new TagListener(tagPath, context, profile.getName());
context.getTagManager().subscribeAsync(tagPathItem, tempListener).get();

I have solved my issue