TCP Driver - Writable Tag question

I’m using the TCP driver to talk to a Perle ethernet to serial device.

My serial device requires a ‘command’ to be sent to it to request data, So I am using the writable tag for this. My problem comes in where I can’t resend the same ‘command’ without changing what is set in the writable tag.

Is there a way to clear the tag contents w/out the driver sending just the empty command and delimiter? Or a way to resend what’s in the tag already?

SQLTags doesn’t perform a write if the value is the same as the current value. We do that to eliminate a lot of writes. In this case you should use:system.opc.writeValue("IgnitionOPCUA", "[DeviceName]Path/To/Tag", "ValueToWrite")It will perform a write even though the value is the same.

Makes sense, Thanks for the quick response, works like a charm!