8.0.13 closePopup() not working

Damn, I didn’t notice I put self there. I know it’s perspective, I’ve even used it for openPopup()…
I guess my brain just went off today.

Also, I kinda wish I could check gateway logs. But they don’t work, which is another problem I need to fix…

Thanks for the super fast reply !

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Sorry to reanimate this thread, but if closePopup(‘id’) closes the popup with the specified ID, and closePopup(’’) closes the most recently opened popup, what does closePopup() do?

I’m wondering because in v8.1.13, I tried within a click event the action Popup Action->Close with an empty ID and it doesn’t do anything, same as system.perspective.closePopup(), and I’m wondering if they are somehow related.

closePopup() with no argument is not allowed.

Alright. Is the action Popup->Close with an empty ID allowed?

This is for a button on a view created to be displayed as a popup.

I think you can put ‘’ in there. Might be mistaken. I usually close my popups with a script and system.perspective.closePopup(’’)