Add/delete column in report module table

How can I add or delete a column in table (report module) ???
Column count property is not working.

when you change the column count in the reporting module, adding a column for instance, sometimes it’s hard to tell it changed. Once you add a column, try making your current column widths smaller and you should see the new column ‘appear.’


How can I delete one ?

the column management in reporting is funky in my opinion. You change the column count from 4 to 3, I don’t think you can choose a column to drop, it just drops the last column I believe.


Column count trips up a lot of people. Column count for a table is very different than column count for a table row. From the docs:

Table Column Count vs Row Column Count

When modifying properties on a section of the Table, always pay attention to which section you selected. Some property names on one section may look similar to properties on a different section. For example, Table Rows have a Column Count property that adds a new column to the row, but the Table Body section also has a Column Count property that will cause the same table to spill out horizontally on the same page. This is great for landscape pages, but on portrait oriented pages it can cause some of the data to be rendered on an unprintable area of the report!


Yes, that’s exactly it – you have no control over which column gets dropped, just like you have no control over where a column gets added.

where is the column count?
I added a table from my named query, but it only has 4 columns

I don’t see where the column count is

version 8.1.0

Edit, ah I found it, have to click the dark gray bar under the column names