Alter dock after navigate to page


I'm using the alter dock function to create and expandable side menu.
When navigate to a new page it seems that the dock is reloaded and take back the configuration set in the designer.

Is there a way to avoid that?

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No, the alterDock function is intended to alter an existing Docked View from the configuration of the existing page. When you navigate to a new page, you're loading an entirely different Docked View configuration which will load as it is configured in the Designer.

be careful, alterdock is limited to only one dock...Yan can't alter multiple docks:

Even if the docked view is shared ?
Why when we navigate to a new page the startup event script of the docked view is not executed?.
Is it just reloading the dock config and not the view?

i saw your post already but i'm only using one dock.

Thx for the info

That's my understanding of how it works, yes. Every Page has its own Docked View Configuration which replaces any existing configuration as the new Page loads. The Views which are present are not re-loaded, though any differences in the params of the Docked View based on the configuration would of course result in bindings being re-evaluated.

How would you suggest to do this kind of navigation menu with expanding possibility?
Not use docked view ?