Any help or insight on how this might have been done?

I believe the error message is likely telling you that the column 'Time' does not exist.

In an earlier screen shot of your code (it's much more helpful if you post preformatted code rather than a screen snip), it shows you tring to access the 'Time' column, dataset.getValueAt(i, 'Time'). Now you've shown a dataset that doesn't have a Time column but rather a t_stamp column. These need to match in order for the function to work, other wise you will get an error similar to what you are seeing.

If you are unsure of the column names, or if they might change for whatever reason, and generally for performance purposes, just use the index as @amarks has already shown.

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Holy hell dude thank you so much, its seemingly working aside from the fact that it is showing this weird color I do not have selected anywhere instead of the red and green it should have, but that is something I should be able to work out in time, thank you.

unless you happen to know why it is doing this, it is showing the color as such:

Even though these are the only colors I have selected, with the entire rest being the default/ unselected

Also also, sorry for repeated questions, but how would I make it display the whole day up to current time instead of just an hour?

It's going to be dependent on your dataset.

Adjust your tag history binding.

As far as colors go, I'm not as familiar with Perspective, so I couldn't tell you off-hand