Anyone managed to connect to a SQL Server with AD credentials?

Right I still do. I guess I just need an answer to - is it possible to have two separate AD account logins for two different db connections?

Or is it impossible because I necessarily need the service login per @pturmel ?

I can talk to them about splitting up their dev and production projects onto separate gateways if this is truly the only way forward but I don't want to paint myself into a corner if what I am saying isn't true. I was confused as @lrose 's answer made it seem like I could have two different AD accounts for two different connection strings by manually inputting credentials.

I don’t know. You probably need to hit the SQL Server JDBC docs.

I thought SQL Server could do AD auth with a username/password provided, but Phil is suggesting it can’t and I don’t have any experience to suggest otherwise.

Running prod and dev on the same gateway or server was foolish to begin with.

We have multiple connections to the same server (they connect to different databases). We use the same account, but the connection string could specify different users.

I don't know about any JDBC issues, which I suppose could be causing an issue, but I wouldn't think it would be any different to opening up two instances of SSMS and using different credentials for each. So long as the credentials are valid, and have the correct permissions in SQL, you would be allowed to connect. When it comes down to it, why would Ignition be any different?

Support could not do it with extra connection strings. Seems like having the logon user be the Active Directory account and then using integratedSecurity is the only way to do this so I will talk to them about splitting their gateway into two gateways, a dev and production.

@lrose still have no idea how you're managing this so easily lmao. Maybe ignition was installed under the AD Account and therefore the local account is the AD Account? No idea.