Arial Narrow font missing

Odd issue with Arial Narrow font. I am co-dev’ing a few screens with another company and they are using our base project to help them design with the same look and feel. This other dev has Windows 10 and says that some screens (that I designed) do not display correctly for labels and such. Found out that the ones not displaying correctly are using the Arial Narrow font, but it turns out that Windows 10 does not have Arial Narrow (and I forgot that I installed it a long time ago on mine). Anyway, my Windows 10 does not have any issue using and displaying Arial Narrow in the designer, but, after installing this font on his machine, Arial Narrow does not even show up in the Properties font drop-down list. Restarting the PC, installing the font again, restarting the gateway - nothing seems to allow the new Arial Narrow font to propagate to the drop down list. Anyone seen this before?

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I know this is an old post, but in case someone arrives here, this might help them out as it just did for me as I migrate an old project onto a new PC.
A clean install of Windows 10 Enterprise (or maybe even Home edition) does not have all the Arial font variations. Microsoft Office installs the additional ones like Arial Narrow. So, if you have the font on an existing computer, copy it from the C:\Windows\Fonts folder and when you install on the new computer, be sure to right click (or highlight multiple fonts and right click) and select “Install for all users”. Don’t just drag and drop the font files into the folder.

Thanks to Anton for pointing this out.