Automation Professionals' EtherNet/IP Communication Suite V2

Hmm. More testing to do.

The hint's in the name: Danger Ahead

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Ahh yep, you're right. I just tested it in another topic as well. Thanks!

Automation Professionals is pleased to announce beta availability of the next significant feature of this driver: Arbitrary CIP attribute read/subscribe/write support via class+instance+attribute ID codes. If you have various devices in your facility that expose useful information this way (drives and servos...), the desired information can be read via class 3 messaging as part of the new Client driver.

Note that I/O assembly buffers are attributes, and are therefore accessible with this new feature (including simultaneous reads with a PLC connection, for many devices).

The driver also now extracts the EDS file and icon from a device during initial probe, if present and not already uploaded. This is in preparation for scaled parameter access. (Unscaled parameter access is supported by this new C/I/A addressing already.)

This feature is not released for production, though testing with production hardware would be welcome.

v2.1.0.231291837 Production Release Below


Hey @pturmel adding here for anyone else wondering. I didn't get a chance to do much performance testing.

But I can say it works with Allen-Bradley's Connected Component Workbench (CCW) Simulator via the simulator IP. I used the loop back interface (


Huh. That's a shock, actually.

Yeah I wasn’t able to see program tags. But saw global tags and device info related stuff. I’ll post a pic later.

Was pretty cool without a doubt.

That's normal. There are other tags that the processor won't report, too. See my docs.

I've been poking at the bugs I didn't count as blockers, and have been playing with my CipIOButton, the high-reliability Momentary Pushbutton for Vision. I had a report that it was not working on a new system, but I cannot reproduce, and the system in question is currently unreachable. My VM copy of the system does not show the supposed problem.

If any of you have tried to use this with V2 and failed, I'd appreciate hearing about it. I'm dropping it from my to-do list in the meantime.

(I think my first Perspective component is going to be an attempt to implement this there, fwiw. Needs real javascript in the client.)


Automation Professionals is pleased to announce the release of v2.1 for production use, which includes support for polling and writing arbitrary attributes of typical EtherNet/IP devices.


The user manual has been updated with information on this new feature, with an example of accessing a target's Assembly buffer as a structure. A number of other improvements to the manual have been made, including an example configuration for high-volume, high-speed use of the Adapter option.

Does the I/O Momentary Button currently work? The manual has a beta note saying it's broken, but it's not a beta release anymore, so I figured I'd ask here before risking it in production.

See the comment from May 17. If you find it broken for your case, I'd love to have a reproducer. At this point, I can't confirm it was ever a real bug.

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Hey Phil, do you have a signed version of this module? I want to test this on a production system currently with a week of downtime. Also, where would i get the latest release from?

All of the posted modules are signed. (Via my own certificate authority.) The latest production releases are always found on my Module Sales page (same as the "Buy this module" link in the showcase).

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Do you know when an "I/O momentary button" will be available for Perspective?

Haven't even started that--quite a few things ahead of it in the to-do list.