Automation Professionals' Integration Toolkit Module

Were you able to find anything out about this?

No, swamped.

A quick check with v8.1.28 and toolkit v2.0.15 shows no problem (event driven). Can you share a sample dataset that shows the problem?

Try this in an expression tag, with the tag data type set to string:

	"Select repr(binding) as value",
		asMap('value', 'str'),

I get this:

ExpressionTagActor{listener=ExecutableTag[name=ViewTest, id=6af33706-5ee2-41e0-a476-b63d07f7a029, actors=2, valid=true], lastPublished=[null, Uncertain_InitialValue, Mon Apr 01 13:32:17 EDT 2024 (1711992737381)]}

Same results. I didn't know about the tag diagnostics until today but in there I'm seeing a parse errors Unknown function: 'view' and Unknown function: 'asMap'.

I have your integration tool kit installed and running -

There should be entries in the gateway log for failures to install these functions. Please restart the module and show any log entries that result.

Possibly also restart the whole gateway.

Restarting the Module I see this.

Unable to restart the entire gateway at this moment but all the functions still working as expression bindings

There must be some nuance to the older gateway version you are using. I'll spin up a copy tomorrow.

Did you make some changes? This has started working for me sometime in the past day.

No. And if I did, you'd have to install a new module version. :man_shrugging:

Ahh, forgot I actually restarted the gateway yesterday. I'm guessing that's what did it