Bad_NodeIdUnknown: The node id refers to a node that does not exist in the server address space

Thanks. so for every 2 hours we need to reinitialize right?
I am one more error.

when I click on Tag Geneneration->Create Tags
Global folder is not creating.

when I installed first time the kepware , I was able to get tag values in Kepware and Ignition also.

next time I am trying the same but values is not getting and other above errors are coming.
now tags are coming values are not coming

Kavya, were you ever able to figure out the issue here? Having the same issue myself.

Kepware need License, if not we need to restart the Kepware.
Go to Services, search for the Kepware and restart its files. Then we can see the live tag values.


this is how I tried.

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That was the fix! Thank you Kavya!