Batchoperations flood of errors

Did upgrading to 8.1.32 fix your problems?
I'm having the same issue on version 8.1.20. I'm suspecting it all started after we changed server backup type from incremental to agent based. That we had to do because of clockDrift and other related errors during incremental backups. Now I'm afraid the backup agent could apply resource locks on files that Ignition uses for temporary storage.

We are running 8.1.32,

This is the our log file, second time we have seen it. Only with this version.
Fix is a restart.

The log messages you're seeing there were added in 8.1.32. Do your logs still show back to when this log message began?

If so, could you upload your logs?

Afraid my logs do not go far enough back.
If I catch something good I will.

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We have seen the same issue on version 8.1.35 after trying to delete tags. The logs show when it started. I can send you the logs, if it will provide any value for a potential fix. The problem we have is, anytime we try to delete/edit tags, the gateway become non-responsive, needs restart a few times, and we usually end up deleting the tag provider all together, then recreate and re-import tags that we need, rather than deleting tags on an existing provider. Eventually, it takes a lot of restarts, sometimes reverting back to an older backup to stabilize the gateway. At this moment, the gateway that I took the logs from is reported to not being able to export or import tags.

The log messages themselves in 8.1.32+ are expected as part of the fix for the previous issue. I did create a ticket to look into limiting the rate the message gets logged. You're welcome to upload the logs from when you started seeing the message though to see if there's something going on that's causing so many failures.

As for being unable to export/import tags, you should consider reaching out to support to dig further into the problem.

This should be resolved with Ignition 8.1.40, scheduled for release today.