[Bug-12666] Ignition Perspective Mobile Application - View not found

Have you got any ideas?

Two thoughts:
First: When you hit the back button it should show you a “settings” wheel, that is where I had to specify my Server. From there you can also specify the default “auto-launch” app.
Secondly: Make sure your page configuration is set properly on the page configuration tab (the “settings” gear on your lower left of the designer.)

This section(s) of the documentation was also very helpful.

(aka you need to make sure your primary view is set to what loads first)

I can’t find the way how to set up one of my views to startup default view. I made some test pages and views and i can switch over them via menu and links i have made, but still i can’t find the way, how to set up the first view, when the app loads.

I can see configured views on IOS devices but i have an error message on android phone, when trying to log in to the server.

Can you screenshot your view/page configurations?

Also, believe we have an bug report for some users using unicode characters in the page configuration paths. Are you using any non-english characters in your view names or paths? Looks like that might be the case and if so, you’re probably hitting a bug that we need to fix.

If you’d like to email or post a minimal project export (not a gw backup) of the perspective resources that reproduce the issue you’re seeing I’d be happy to take a look.

Perspective expects your landing or “main” page to always have a url of /. If you would like the “Main” View to be your project’s landing page, then change its URL to simply be /. There is no need for URLs to match View names (although I totally understand that it makes keeping track of everything a bit easier).

Please see the Docs.

The Documentation does say “typically”, which should probably be replaced with “always” - unless someone knows something I don’t.

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I am seeing the “view not found” on my perspective project after the latest build (downloaded today).

I did check to make sure my page URL is set to only /
And my primary view is set correctly.
Running on win10
iOS on iPod touch 6th gen, 12.1.1

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As a followup - we believe this was caused by an issue in how we handle unicode in perspective urls and are testing a fix. Keep an eye on changelogs, should make it into a nightly in the coming days.

Update: My problem went away with the new build

I believe your problem was caused by an incomplete fix for @andrei.plotnikov 's problem. Nearing a fix for his issue as well, but we’re taking extra time to test and validate to avoid re-introducing an issue like you encountered. Hopefully have it out this week though!

Interesting, that on android devices after log in, the app routes me to the browser and open there perspective view. On the IOS devices the view opens inside the app.

Thanks guys. I was having this problem too but hadn’t nailed it down enough to rule out my own error.

@andrei.plotnikov We’re fixing that behavior in the next Android release. Authentication will be handled inside the app the way it was intended, instead of sending you outside of app to one of your browsers.

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I am experiencing white screens after the perspective app appears to load. Running 8.0.2. Viewing in Chome. Was this issue resolved? or might my issue be a slow connection?

Updated to 8.0.3.
On an android phone; the default browser and firefox work. Chrome and other third party browsers are showing only white.

Also, I found the web browsers like to have some pixel ratio zoom and often will not display apps one to one. Firefox can be overridden with the solution here:

Perspective uses some newer web features. Have you checked to make sure your Chrome is up to date?